Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guymon, OK to Liberal, KS-40 miles

Superman, AKA Craig. He has his own fan club.
Me with my white arms and farmers tan. Decided today to work on that

Hooker, OK

Kansas, Dorothy, Kansas

The B-25 helped protect your freedom. Yes Dorothy those are machine guns.

We started off a little later today since it was only 40 miles. Just a warm-up ride. We crossed from Oklahoma into Kansas today, so one more state line crossing. My average was very good as the wind was not in the face today. We averaged a little over 20 mph.
I just realized I only have 6 more rides left to get to St. Joseph, MO (Kansas City) and then my tour is over. Seems to have gone by very quickly. Not a lot to report today. Jim H. had a flat tire today so we assisted him in return for him to pull more than his share on the way into town. We visited the air museum in Liberal prior to coming to the hotel. They have over 100 vintage aircraft including a B-25 which is the same model of plane that Jimmy Doolittle used to bomb Tokyo from the aircraft carrier Hornet (I always have to have a little history in my blogs). We stopped and ate at El Amigo Chavez's Mexican food which had very good Mexican food. They also "specialized" in steak and seafood. The only thing missing is Italian. I am glad we stuck to Mexican food. After lunch and a few Modelo Especials, we limped into the hotel and took a nap. LOL If I ate like this every day, I would need to take a siesta as well.

Also, stopped in Hooker, OK where you can buy shirts like "support your local hookers", and "all my friends are hookers". The Hooker Horny Toads are a football powerhouse in these parts. This evening we ate at Napoli's an Italian restaurant that was most excellent. The restaurant is in an old Rock Island line train depot/station. Just as we were seated a train rumbled past and we could feel the vibration. Cool. I skipped the tour of Oz which has a replica of Dorothy's house and repleat with a yellow brick road. Maybe too much Mexican food and Modelos.

We have a couple of 80 mile plus days coming up, but the weather looks to be favorable. I will probably end up going solo tomorrow since we have a tailwind. Tomorrow, also we will visit the Dalton Gang hideout. They were involved in the deadliest bank robbery in history when they tried to rob 2 banks simultanteously in Coffeyville, KS. An interesting piece of history. Tomorrow night we end up in Dodge City, KS so I am sure I will have more to tell.
Sleep tight (bonus points for finding out where this sayingcame from)


  1. Hate to think you are only going to St Joes - am really enjoying your blog...Bob

  2. thanks Bob. I went all the way in '06 and am really going to miss this. I may catch back up in Erie. We'll see how things go. thx for following